Reflective Address Sign

Why is it necessary to post my street number?
Firefighters, emergency vehicles, and personnel may need to find your home quickly should an emergency occur. It is difficult for emergency vehicles, utility trucks, and postal and delivery trucks to find homes and businesses with address numbers that are not properly posted.

Recommended guidelines:

· House numbers should be no less than 4" tall.

· Numbers should be in a contrasting color to the color scheme of the building.

· House numbers should be visible up tp 150 feet, from all angles.

· Be sure house numbers can be seen at night.

· Keep house numbers clearly visible throughout the year. Plant growth during certain seasons can hide numbers.

· Remember that fire vehicles sit up higher than automobiles. Low hanging limbs can obstruct the view that would normally be visible to others.

Although street numbers may not seem to be that important, they can be critical in the event of a fire, sudden illness or other emergency.

Reflective Sign

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