Residential Knox-Box

The latest Rapid Access System for the Homeowner

Knox Home Box - When Seconds Matter

® HomeBox provides homeowners with the same secure rapid access system that currently protects hundreds of thousands of government and commercial properties in over 13,500 fire jurisdictions across North America for over 40 years. When lives, safety and property matter, a Knox HomeBox can make all the difference. When seconds matter, count on Knox.

When a medical emergency strikes, help is only a call away. However, for those who live by themselves or have special mobility issues, what happens when they can’t get to the door to let first responders in?

Homeowner Advantages

  • Helps first responders to enter the home quickly
  • Reduces property damage
  • Makes re-securing accessed property reliable, easier and faster
  • Practical Advantages

  • Utilizes the highly secure Knox proprietary key system that is already in place for commercial buildings in your municipality
  • Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.2"H x2.37"W x2.05"D
  • Reinforced Zinc Body with Protective Lock Cover
  • Powder Coated for weather resistance
  • Body Weight: 3.2 lbs

  • Types of Users

    The Knox-Box® Residential Program is ideal for individuals:
    • Living alone
    • Recuperating from a hospital stay
    • Residing in the area seasonally
    • Using an electronic calling/medical alert service
    • With a history of medical problems

    Online Ordering

    Online ordering click HERE
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    • Select the correct Zip code
    • Then Clay Fire will appear above the State selection.  Add your item to the cart, pay for it.  Once it arrives please call us to help you pick a location to install it.
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